Partners and Sponsors



If there is one brand that exudes American outdoor adventure, it's Vasque. Their products are perfected to tackle the toughest of terrain, while providing unmatched comfort and support. I'm super excited to work with and represent Vasque as one of their adventure athletes!



Thanks to Buff I'm able to keep my ears and nose from freezing off in the Winter, let alone loose a ton of heat through my head. As for the Summer, the headband Buff keeps my crazy curls under control and also helps block the harmful UV rays! A Buff is one thing I'm never without!


Thanks to Julbo I'm able to see clearly in the worst conditions, along with the brightest conditions. Having sharp clear vision while trying to dodge rocks and roots in the shade...can cap any dollar amount. Anyone who has taken a serious digger will understand...and appreciate premium photochromatic lens tied with a comfortable performance frame.


Ultimate Direction was created for the hardcore mountain adventurer. Your play days get much shorter when you don't have a way of carrying hydration and other essential gear. Thanks to UD, I'm able to spend all day in what I feel is my natural habitat.


As you can image, putting in lots of time on your feet is inevitably going to have your body in rough shape from time to time. With support from Pro Tec Athletics, I've been to stay ahead of injury by being proactive with their recovery and prevention products. Thanks for keeping me in one piece!



Don't all runners love to drink as much beer as logging miles..?!  :)  Living in CO I've had the opportunity to try many different craft brews. Nothing compares to the sweet sips of Upslope. Their IPA is my go-to for post workout recovery...and the Imperial IPA is a must after every race. Celebration is always in order...even on the rough days.